I kinda just fell into it and fell in love with it

Neon Creations have a passion for all things neon. You can see their genuine love of creating unique and bespoke neon products when you walk into their workshop. Their personalised and attentive approach enables them to deliver a truly spectacular service that sets them apart from their competitors. What’s more, all of the designs and products are made in-house, and they work closely with their customers to ensure that ideas won’t ever be lost in translation.Find out more and sign up to the Creative Scale up Programme


We had a quick 5 minutes with Tony whilst the crew set up their first shots, this is what he had to say…

What’s your story?

When I was in London; I went for a job interview, went into the glass shop, saw all the flames going, all the lights going and was like “wow, I wanna piece of this” I got the job and the rest just carries on

Was there something that hooked you into it?

I never set out to do this as a job, I kinda just fell into it and fell in love with it. And obviously progression is start your own company, do your own thing and make your own ideas and thats kind of where we’re at today with it

What gets you fired up, what’s your motivation?

My motivation behind doing this is just make stuff, I create stuff. We’ve had a vast array of different clients, different jobs and it’s satisfying, its something where you say “yeah I made that” at the end of the day, its just the best thing.

What’s it like when you’ve taken an idea from the drawing board to the final product?

From the initial email, the initial enquiry. And obviously from the drawing then to making the glass you see the process from an idea to the finished product, and that is something you just can’t take away from me. And especially if the sign looks amazing

What is it about the job that you like?

It’s making stuff come to light, from the initial email, initial idea. And you make the drawing, you make the neon itself and it looks amazing, its a nice buzz when you see someones idea, even your own ideas to then see it in a light form it’s just… it’s priceless

What brought you up north?

Obviously I’m originally from London, I’ve been up north for 20 years. I set the business up 14 years ago and its just grown and grown since then. Everyone works hard, everyones creative and everyone loves what they do and that really does help with the business.


What’s your ideal neon to work on?

My ideal neon would be ( thinking) its endless, it really is endless. That’s what I love about the job so much, we don’t pigeon hole ourselves in one sort of market, it can be anything; it could be someones man-cave, an office, a music video, absolutely anything and thats endless. Thats what I love about, its like, what’s next!

What is a neon light, how does one work?

Neon is basically a gas and neon glass or neon tubes are basically glass tubes filled with gas. It’s a handmade product and it’s a skill that you need to learn for years and years and years, it can’t be replicated. Its been around for 100 years and it’s still going strong, its not a trade anymore its not like a sign trade, its now an art form and it’s recognised now as an art form.


Tony @ Neon Creations

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