James Copson

With a documentary background, James’ love for visual storytelling expands into all of his works.

His focus lies on authentic stories of travel and culture, sociology and the many dimensions of humanity. His work acknowledges the beautiful imperfections and moulds it into inspiring and immersive film, with eclectic mix of human nature, the environment, love and sexuality. 

James’ accolades include the Prolific North’s 2021 winner of the ‘Visual Production of the Year’ for his work with a mental health charity, Triumph and Bennetts Motor insurance. James also holds an RTS award and shortlists for the Prolific North awards in 2018 & 2020.


The Growth Company Creative Scale Up

Director & Producer 2020


Director 2019

Flooglebinder | Greece

Director & Producer 2017

MIF | Dystopia987

Director 2019

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