Ozzie Pullin

Ozzie’s intimate directorial style focuses on capturing genuine and authentic moments, with a handheld feel to bring the viewer into the moment. 

Ozzie’s career started in homemade skate films, allowing him to not only capture the action, but the true grit that goes into developing an athletic skill. From there, he moved into directing music videos and has worked with world-class artists including Kasabian, Demi Lovato, Lewis Capaldi and Wolf Alice. 

His ability to create honest and emotive depictions of people and environments has seen him work with high-end fashion brands Stella McCartney and River Island. He’s also brought to life visionary content spots for household names including Bacardi, Homebase, Huawei and Google. 

By combining cinematic and documentary-style aesthetics, Ozzie has established himself as a very sharp and considered filmmaker with an eye for warmth and great storytelling.

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