Lancashire born Daniel Brereton directs an intriguing, Lynch inspired music video for French artist Chevalrex. The promo for Tant De Fois features a group of people who don’t seemingly belong together. Each one reminds us of something within ourselves at different points in time. The group gather in an eerie precession, carrying an effigy of the artist before lighting Chevalrex up in flames. Chevalrex – real name Rémy Poncet – presents himself on an old TV throughout the video, in a series of Hi8 portraits, staring out at the audience and characters.

Daniel takes inspiration from David Lynch and has created a surreal and haunting promo, where you fill in the story and details yourself. “I heard someone say the other day, there are two stories to a film, the story that you see, and the story that is hidden, which could be the real story, the story no one knows, the truth.”Daniel Brereton; Director





The stunning promo was shot by DoP Simon Plunket and graded by Cheat’s Jack McGinity, a combo made of magic. Plunket’s professional attitude and approach, using long takes and steady movement, make for a highly provoking watch.Produced by Manchester based Production Company Anattic, who have been eager to team up with Daniel for a while. The film was shot post-lockdown, in August 2020, at a forgotten rail station in the North of England. Much like the streets of the UK during the peak of the pandemic, the film feels creepily barren and empty, bar for the unusual characters and their ritual.

“We’ve been keen to team up for a while and Chevalrex finally gave us the opportunity too. We both wanted to try to keep the shoot as plastic free as possible and as eco-friendly as we could, which is tricky with covid restrictions in place” Producer, James Copson.The production ensured no single use plastic bottles were on set, with crew using their own reusable water bottles, and catering was provided by sustainable minded “Open Kitchen MCR”, who reuse would be waste product bound for the bin, and turn it into delicious scran.



This production was filmed under covid restrictions, following recommended government guidelines at the time and industry standard production guidelines.DIRECTED BY Daniel Brereton
WRITTEN BY Daniel Brereton & Rémy Poncet
PRODUCED BY Sovage / AnatticWITH Monica Sagar, Christine Leathley, James Asare, Molly-Kate Sharples, Tobias Kirkup, Keith ThompsonDIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Simon Plunket
PRODUCER James Copson (Anattic)
MUA Becca Anderton (Me Agency)
COSTUME DESIGNER Jasmin Knox (Undercranked)
GRIP Sam Harcourt
1st AC Jamas Stier
SFX Darren Wilis (Quicksilver FX)
COLOURIST Jack McGinity (Cheat)
Hi8 VIDEOS BY Polina Panassenko & Rémy Poncet
© 2020 VietnamNouvel album “Providence” (jan. 2021)
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