As the whole world came to a pause early in 2020, so did some of our ongoing projects. However this didn’t stop our urge to get creative alongside our new client Finn Communications, tasking us with putting together two videos for John West’s social media channels.We helped keep their ‘Get Yourself Shipshape’ campaign alive by getting ambassador Becky Adlington and the Shipshape influencers involved in the filming process – with the obvious limitations Covid-19 now gave us! Our in house Director Matt Page had to get creative at a distance.

“Having worked alongside Finn in the earlier stages of this campaign I already had a good understanding of “Get Yourself Shipshape”. This was new and exciting and I was really up for adapting throughout lockdown. The storyboards were built up using each of the influencers strengths, whether their focus was cooking, sports or lifestyle. That way I could make sure that that content was genuine across the different influencer channels and keep the John West branding and campaign under control.” – Director Matt Page speaking about the project.

To find out more about John West check out the website here.
If you’re interested in knowing more about Becky Adlington find her on instagram.