Livestreaming: Connect in Real-Time

Live to Vinyl experience, featuring The Vamps. Presented by Mastercard and Metropolis Studios.

Share, Watch, Connect

Together, apart. Livestreaming gives us the ability to share, watch and connect in real-time. It is a safe option in a pandemic, has the power to put international audiences in one space, and can bring our favourite musicians into our living room. Matt Page, Producer/Director, enthusiastically describes how at Anattic “we have really fine-tuned it [Livestreaming] now for international clients”. With experience of having filmed over 80 different songs, 40 different artists, live cook alongs, and transmitted live shoots to clients for real-time feedback. We are adaptable and confident in delivering high-quality live streams that are individually tailored to our client’s needs and audience.

One of those needs is music – we’re sure we are not the only ones working from home to the background noise of Glastonbury re-runs! Before times got unprecedented, Gavin Newman from Metropolis Studios had been running intimate VIP gigs alongside Notion – a magazine that celebrates the latest music, creative and cultural voices. In December 2020, Gavin approached us with the idea to take these VIP gigs and bring them into the covid-safe, virtual realm. We couldn’t say no.Since then we have been collaborating with Metropolis Studios to celebrate and deliver these live music experiences to online platforms, our previous clients also include Notion, Amazon Music UK, ellesse, Clarks, and Mastercard. We now consider ourselves well-oiled in mood lighting and creating those cozy evening vibes!

Livestreaming: Connect in Real-Time

We’ve also been able to harness the power of live streaming technology and integrate it into our work with international clients. We can livestream directly from shoots, enabling real-time client feedback without a plane, jet lag, or suitcase in sight. Not to mention the environmental benefits. Most recently, we put this into practice with Australian-based St Hugo Wines. We were tasked with creating a film to mark the launch of Daniel Ricciardo’s limited edition wine. Streaming Technician, Tom Turner, made sure the client, St Hugo Wines, could see and hear exactly what was being shot, whilst they were in direct conversation with Co-director, James Copson throughout. And whilst we aren’t going to say no to a holiday, world-wide collaboration has proved to be only a mouse click away.

live streaming has purpose

The pandemic has increased the demand for Livestreams as we all search to get as close to those in real life experiences as possible. The shift from in-person to online events means there has never been such easy access from one’s own four walls to such a wide array of online experiences. In turn, our work has been just as varied; we have loved celebrating live music, supporting cook alongs and collaborating internationally. Whatever is next, we are ready!

Livestreaming: Connect in Real-Time

Many thanks to Metropolis Studios, Notion, ellesse, Amazon Music UK, Clarks Originals, Mastercard and all those involved. To find out more about the artists involved in the Notion/Amazon Music UK series, check out Notions Website here. If you’re interested in listening to the Amazon Original Tracks you can find them on the Amazon Music UK here. Watch the full ellesse Livestream by heading over to the ellesse Facebook here.