John West UK

#GetYourselfShipshape with Rebecca Adlington

  • Client: John West UK
  • Production House: Finn Comms
  • Director: Matt Page

Rebecca Adlington and a brand new Shipshape crew will be sharing their Shipshape journeys and healthy tips throughout. It’s all about achieving a healthy active lifestyle, that’s sustainable. And the John West crew want to help you meet those goals by providing natural protein and inspiration along the way.

Anattic chose Director Matti Page to take the lead with this project. Working closely with Finn Comms in Leeds, he helped bring the idea to life, showing Becky Adlington’s busy routine whilst out of the water. We had been set the taks of filming two similar videos, one for Becky’s social media and one for John Wests. They both had to be similar but portray the message in slightly different methods.

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