Marine Biology | Kian's Journey

Travel. Develop. Explore

Kian is a very quiet individual, it’s often quite hard to even hear him speak but at 15 he already has a huge passion for Marine Biology. Kian embarked on a journey to Greece where he combats his personal fears and deepens his interest in the natural world.

With a future in conservation and science, Kian’s sharp mind and positive attitude helped him to rally his peers and take the lead on turtle conservation. During his experience, Kian opened up and became a more confident individual while honing his passion and knowledge for sustainability, nature and the environment.

Anattic developed a creative plan to capture and present Kian’s story from start to finish and showcase the amazing work that Flooglebinder and its partners do. Told through his own words, Kian shares his journey with the team. One of three films, the project relaunched Flooglebinder’s digital content through a highly successful YouTube campaign aimed at educational influencers, decision makers and bodies.

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