Mental Health Motorbike

Mental Health Motorbike is a charity that offers mental health support to motorcyclists across the UK. Set up in memory of Dale Caffrey, the charity is aimed specifically at bikers who typically bottle up emotions and their struggles. Their aim is to prevent suicides across the country.

In partnership with Triumph UK and Bennetts Insurance, Anattic delivered a short advert to help launch the charity and spread awareness of their work.

Directed by James Copson, the commercial portrays a man stuck in a dark place, unable to find the motivation to move and get on with life. Endlessly scrolling through social media, he sees an ad for MHM and makes the difficult decision to reach out. Back with his bike, he is able to gain a clear head on the open road and reconnect with the world before meeting a mental health first aider for support. A biker himself, James understands the clarity of mind that comes with biking. How you forget your worries and problems while concentrating solely on the road. James presents this in a dreamy, floating style that presents relaxed and emotive riding.

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