Saving Turtles | Toby's Story

Travel. Develop. Explore

Toby is a 15 year old, inner city London school student who took the initiative to leap at an opportunity to travel to Greece and take part in a highly acclaimed, conservation and sustainability project.

Protecting sea turtle nests, cleaning beaches strewn with litter and studying vital practices that are essential to the successful conservation of sea turtles, Toby never expected the emotional impact the project would have on him.

Anattic developed a creative plan to capture and present Toby’s story from start to finish and showcase the amazing work that Flooglebinder and its partners do. Told through his own words, Toby shares his journey with the team. One of three films, the project relaunched Flooglebinder’s digital content through a highly successful YouTube campaign aimed at educational influencers, decision makers and bodies.

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